Five stars for the senses

A surprising hotel, relaxed and eventful

Giardino Ascona is traditionally unconventional. Despite meeting the highest standards with its five stars, it completely dispenses with conventional airs and graces. Instead, it offers a rather nonchalant and surprising setting. Inspired by the region’s Mediterranean charm and all-pervading nature, a light and carefree atmosphere prevails. The backdrop plays its part, too: the Tuscan-style houses are surrounded by a Mediterranean garden. The scent of lavender and mimosa permeates the lush greenery. Lemon trees bloom. Water lilies blossom in a pond. This soul retreat near Lago Maggiore boasts a total of 54 rooms and 18 suites. An oasis of instant equilibrium for the body and mind.

Contemporary and Mediterranean chic

Rooms and suites

A world of its own: private retreats around the water lily pond will have guests feeling good from the moment they arrive. All 54 rooms and 18 suites have a modern, Mediterranean feel with summery shades, dark, real-wood parquet flooring, and high-quality fabrics and furnishings. Despite being modern, the design creates a sense of utter warmth and well-being. The balconies and patios appear to be natural extensions of the wonderful park landscape. Both outside and in, everything is bright and airy. Always including breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi, use of the Giardino bikes and access to the dipiù Spa.


The Giardino Ascona hotel is the most beautiful of them all. It always has a surprise in store for connoisseurs.

Hotelier Hans C. Leu

Feel-good tips

Offers and packages

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference – those finishing touches that set the mood, put a smile on your face and bring joy to everyone around. And since making people happy is an essential component of Mediterranean hospitality, Giardino Ascona always has a few little surprises in store for its guests – even before their arrival.

Summer highlights in Ticino


Summer as it should be. Warm sunshine, cool water and a touch of Mediterranean flair. Not enough? Rediscover Lago Maggiore with these highlights. Exclusively for Giardino guests!

Valid in the summer season from 12.4. to 26.10.2019.


Reboot for your body

We continuously improve our everyday life. With state-of-the-art technology, the latest fashion trends and quick relaxation when we’re short on time, we optimise our life as a matter of course. Unfortunately, we then often stop short of applying this to what is most important: ourselves. And it is precisely here that Giardino Coach and personal trainer Vladimir Zic begins. He demonstrates to customers the potential of their own body and mind, defines goals together with them and sets them on the path to also achieving these independently. On your marks, get set, me!

Enquiries and bookings can be made on site, via or on +41 800 333 313.

Open weekly programme

Family holidays at Giardino Ascona

Suitable for every age

Pack your bags, leave your everyday life at home and head south for a holiday that is really worthy of the name. At Giardino Ascona, every one of your family members will be able to recharge their batteries without exception. Explore the Alps together on exciting excursions, try out new sports on the lake or in the mountains, and enjoy naturally delicious and healthy food. While the kids play in the Dino Club in the hotel’s own park, the grown-ups can unwind in the rest and relaxation area. Summer holidays without long faces.

Kid's Menu


Swiss smile

This is the Mediterranean soul of Switzerland. It is a place of power. Its lakes and mountains create a wonderfully mild climate: three months of warm winter, nine months of pleasant summer. Opening out to the south, the canton of Ticino clocks 2,300 hours of sunshine. One could be forgiven for calling the area kitschy, given its picturesque landscape dominated by a turquoise blue lake, white mountains and colourful flowers. Jasmine blooms as early as in February, and mimosa and oleander appear much sooner here than elsewhere. The camellia has virtually become a symbol for the charm of this special area. It blossoms everywhere and almost all year round. Thanks to the reopened Gotthard Tunnel, the train from Zurich to Ticino now takes only an hour and a half.