Events for guests and neighbours

Summer made simple

The scent of flowers in the garden, laid-back grooves in the background or the chinking of ice cubes by the pool: Giardino Ascona oozes summer spirit. Even beyond the water lily pond, fascinating opportunities await to free your mind from worry. Whether culinary events, adventurous tours or quiet moments for the mind, it’s nice to have a choice. All events can be found below or are available to download here: Giardino Ascona – summer events. Giardino Ascona – summer events.

Keep calm

Weekly yoga sessions and retreats

The Giardino Ascona is a soul retreat for body and mind. The mind is especially required in one’s everyday life and needs to be relieved to keep its calmness. The weekly yoga sessions or frequent retreats help to relax, let go and save time to be completely with itself. For more peace and well-being – even if you are not staying at the hotel. Namaste!

Meetings and incentives

Work it out!

Work and leisure time don’t usually go hand in hand. They move at different paces, have different objectives and most notably place different demands on us. In the right conditions, however, a surprisingly harmonious relationship can be struck up between the two – all you need is a Giardino hotel, a corporate team and the Ticino sunshine, and you will be sure to have an experience that brings results. What does this mean? Team members are happily productive and relaxed enough to be creative, and can enjoy the modern facilities to take a moment to de-stress. It’s great for your team and even better for your profit margins.